This complete fixture includes a built-in high frequency 105 kHz Sun® brand ballast made specifically for running double-ended horticultural lamps. The patented sealed optic technology allows removal of heat generated by the lamp without cooling the DE lamp itself. The Fusion can operate a 1000 watt DE lamp at 600, 750, 1000 and 1100 watts. Features German made, UL listed double-ended sockets. 95% reflective textured German aluminum interior with 98% reflective corner inserts offer excellent uniformity, output and diffusion. Galvanized steel housing with durable powder-coated finish. Manufactured with exacting standards and double neoprene gaskets for an air-tight seal. Hinged glass makes changing lamps and cleaning glass easy. Operates on 120-240 V. Includes a 20 ft 120 vol power cord. Purchase a 240 V power cord separately (#903084). Comes with built-in level for easy, consistent, level hanging. In the rare event of ballast board failure, the Sun® brand PCB ballast can be easily switched out with a quick disconnect harness and repaired on site by the user. PLEASE NOTE – this unit requires active inline fan cooling when illuminated. Failure to use inline fan cooling may result in reduced performance and/or ballast failure. The patented Sun® brand PCB ballast has auto dimming thermal protection to prevent damage to the ballast in the event of fan failure. US Patents: D737498, D726116, D698628, D755722, 9335038, 9016907. US Patents Pending: 14/701134, 29/550672, 29/550597, 29/558123. Foreign Patents Pending: 14825888.2 (Europe), ZL201530400236.X (China), 2014290774 (Australia), 16111238.1 (Hong Kong), 2918776 (Canada).

Weight 35 lbs
Dimensions 29.75 × 23.25 × 14.25 in